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April 7, 2020

Lake Norman Small Business Updates! Danse Elan and Beacon Group Properties


Sean: (00:06)

Hi, this is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties. Here again, talking with our business leaders and small businesses here in the community. Today I'm actually with Jamie from Danse Élan Dance Studio. Hi, Jamie, how are you doing? 


Jamie: (00:24)

I am good. 


Sean: (00:26)

So Jamie, if you could, could you tell our audience if they happen haven't heard of your dance studio before. What do you guys do there at Danse Élan? 


Jamie: (00:37)

Well, previously, we were known as My Inspiration Dance Academy, and as of January 1st, I purchased the studio and previous studio owners working for us. So, and then, I changed the name to Danse Élan Dance Academy, so that was a perfect time to buy a business, right? Just when the COVID-19, outbreak. But we offer a full spectrum of classes for ages two, all the way through adult; ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, musical, theater, acrobatics, tumbling, you name it, we offer it, and we have an awesome staff. 


Sean: (01:14)

Okay, it sounds awesome. I'd love to hear that it's all ranges of ages there. So, Jamie, just like how everyone's being affected by the Coronavirus, how's it affected your company? Right now? 


Jamie: (01:35)

Well, obviously we can't have classes at the studio. We were prepared for this. Actually, I think much earlier than many businesses were. As soon as we heard what was happening in China, we started getting our ducks in a row. So, we have a Zoom; we're using Zoom like you are, for our business right now. And so it's a little disappointing because we love the kids and so we miss the kids. We miss seeing them in person. But we're able to still conduct classes, which is the bright side of the silver lining. Right. 


Sean: (02:13)

Yeah. So are you guys doing anything additional to keep yourselves, protected and protected kids, or is everything online? 


Jamie: (02:25)

Yes. So, we had spent, sent numerous emails in consecutive weeks to our parents right from the beginning. Even when we thought this before, we knew this was going to affect the U S directly, just reminders about how to keep ourselves safe and how to keep our children safe. And we'd like with hand-wash, covering your, you know, like you see everybody giving that information out. And then we started taking a daily; we had a daily routine of coming in before any classes started and making sure all surfaces, handles door knobs, chairs, mat bar, dance bars, everything. We're really a disinfected really well bathrooms, all of that. And then we added the extra measure even when we were still in a class of, in between every class is making sure that all of the mats and bars, things that were continually touched and children's equipment were disinfected. So we were very proactive right from the beginning. Now we don't have students coming into the studio, so we're, of course, to keep everybody safe, including the staff. There are only two to three people in the studio at a time, and they're in separate rooms videotaping their separate classes. So really, we're doing whatever we can to keep everybody safe, including the staff and the students, but also try to maintain a business so that we can, you know, pay our staff and continue business as usual as possible. 


Sean: (03:58)

Yeah, it's, it's definitely a trying time, but it's really making us think a little bit out of the box on how to run a business and do things. So at the same time, we are apart, but we're also coming together on all of this with technology and everything else. So yeah, I commend you guys on how much you know, forward-thinking you were, about this, from the very beginning. Also, now I have you guys, are you doing anything, special or additional right now during this period of time? 


Jamie: (04:34)

Yes. For our current students, we have opened up, we've allowed our kids because, you know, they're finding themselves bored. There's finding themselves feeling kind of low, not being able to see their classmates and things, whether it's the school or dance. So what we've done is we've said, you know what, take as many classes as you want. We're not going to charge you additional fees. So we are actually allowing people to take any number of classes that they want. We're also waiving any late fees for anybody during this time. And we're waiving any registration fees for new students coming on. We're offering adult classes for our parents for free because we know their gyms have been closed, and we want to make sure that they have something to keep them positive also. And, we're also letting siblings take classes for free. So if they're normally an alternate activity, but maybe they're not, that activity is closed for the timing. Come on in, join your sibling in a dance class, or take another class. So we're doing whatever we can to help people out. And we've also made it known to our, our parents that our studio, that if you've been directly affected by the Coven-19 situation, because of your job or of other things. And we do have many people that had been affected. We've said tuition is going to be the least of our concerns right now. We just want our kids to be positive, and we want them to be able to dance. So we've asked them to just communicate with us, and we will work something out for them. So doing whatever we can to help keep people busy and active and positive and taking a challenge and turning it into a change instead. 


Sean: (06:22)

Yeah, that is so awesome. I love that, that focus you guys have. So Jamie, if someone over would like to get more information about about you and the dance studio or what, what's the best way they can contact you? 


Jamie: (06:42)

Well, they can check us out on our website, which is They can also email us at, and we have a course we have a number of phone number 980-247-0475. And right now, I'm very glued to all ways that people can reach me. Where else on Facebook and Instagram So we're glued to that. We're responding to people immediately so that we can really help people as much as possible through this time period. 


Sean: (07:19)

Okay, awesome. So everyone, please, you know, supports our small businesses out there. Reach out to Jamie. She is extremely open, to your questions and I want to, again, thank you for everyone that's been watching the videos, and I'm really supporting our businesses in the area, and the more we can support all our businesses, the more we can come out on the other end a lot stronger. So again, thank you so much, Jamie. I really appreciate you joining me. 


Jamie: (07:54)

Everybody be safe. 


Sean: (07:55)

Yes, absolutely. Everyone be safe. So thank you. Have a good day. 


Jamie: (08:00)

Okay, bye.

April 7, 2020

Lake Norman Coronavirus News Update - Purely Wrapped and Beacon Group Properties


Sean: (00:06)

This is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties. I herewith Tyka at Purely Wrapped and Tyka. I want to say thank you so much; I really appreciate you taking this time with me. Now, if someone that has it been your store worked with you before, what do you guys do at Purely Wrapped? 


Tyka: (00:23)

So I do completely natural and organic skincare and pigmentation products and that, I mean, we have over 50 products right now. We're venturing outside of skincare with like, hemp, wick candles, and I worked with physicians to create things like eczema butter and paint apps. And then, of course, we do everything that has to do with your skin. So there's, you know, beard oil, there's glow oil there, scrubs, there's everything that has to do with the skin. 


Sean: (00:57)

Oh wow. Okay. Now I'm right now already thinking myself and my wife have to come and see you. So you know, we're in some trying times right now with the Coronavirus. So how has this affected you and your business? 


Tyka: (01:15)

It slowed things down. Definitely. It's been, especially since events are canceled. Like for instance, we had this massive, St. Patrick's day event that we do every year at the Galway Hooker that was canceled. And so I worked for weeks to create stock for this event and because we sell out every year. And so now I'm kind of sitting on all of this stock of stuff that is actually gonna benefit my customers. 


Sean: (01:48)

I'm right there with you. We have a, do events here in Cornelius as well, 3rd Thursdays. And then we had a couple of things for the charter schools, and everything stopped, and it's just so fast. 


Tyka: (02:01)

The world has come to a screeching halt. 


Sean: (02:04)

I know. It's amazing. So, to keep you going right now, what are you doing to protect yourself, your staff, and your clients with this Coronavirus? 


Tyka: (02:16)

Well, the good thing is I'm a staff of one. Everything is created here in my kitchen, in my home, with my own hands. And so I'm, I don't really have to protect any, any workers necessarily, but as far as my customers are concerned, I'm doing a couple of things. They can always do local pickup, but with regard to social distancing, I'm now sending them a text and say, Hey, let me know when you're on your way, and your order will be hanging on my door with a nice note. Instead of me getting to meet all of my customers, which I absolutely love. I love putting a face to the people who are using my products, but I can't really do that at the moment. And we're also doing an indefinite 30% off of all of our, quite helpful to a lot of people. People that stock up. Especially on things like the eczema butter and the paints, you're actually get a nice little discount because of Corona. So, 


Sean: (03:13)

yeah, I, that's wonderful that you're doing that discount and you know, just trying to keep things going as much as you can because I mean; hopefully, it won't take long and then we're going to have a, you know, a sharp turn going the other way. So just, just we're praying that we get through this with as best we can, and go from there. Okay. Awesome. And now I, you mentioned 30% off for you. Is there anything else that you're doing to have with the community or anything during this time? 


Tyka: (03:47)

We are, like I said, my family is practicing social distancing, so we're trying to visit local restaurants and do curbside pickup. We're trying to, you know, go to the little coffee shops that I know are going to be struggling and still purchase, things like gift certificates and purchase, you know, curbside pickup. So anything we can kind of do to lend a hand. This is a time like nothing I've ever seen in my lifetime before. So, I'm not, I want to kind of try and protect those people as much as I'm trying to protect myself and I, I just urge people, you know, in my neighborhood, it's so cool cause in my neighborhood, my husband and I now walk twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Yeah. Really awesome. If I'll say one thing has come out of this is the amount of families that I see outside and walking amongst the neighborhood, and everybody's keeping their distance. But I've met more of my neighbors, and I've lived in this neighborhood three years. I've met more of my neighbors in this week than I've met the entire three years that we've lived here. So I just, I urge people to stay home. If you don't have to be out if you don't have to work in an office, work from home if you don't have to go to the grocery store, don't go to the grocery store. If one of you is going to the grocery store, then call your neighbors and say, Hey, what do you need? So that one was person is out in the environment. But we've got a flight in the curve on this thing. 


Sean: (05:14)

Yeah, absolutely. I completely mirror exactly what you said is I; I've seen people in my neighborhood that I, I never seen them before. And then you're like, I know. And there's, and then I did, I see people talking like across the street from each other. 


Tyka: (05:32)

The whole thing with my neighbor, we do fence time for the fence, and we're on our side of the fence, but we get after dinner and say, Hey, how's it going and have a nice vacation and there are dads in our neighborhood that do be your time. Oh, awesome. I'm an area right in front of my house, and they're all more than six feet apart, but they're all just having beers and talking to me, you know? 


Sean: (05:53)

Yeah. One thing about us Americans, we definitely figure it out a way or another. We figure it out. Yeah. Awesome. Well, so Tyka, if someone wants to, you know, contact you, get more information about you and your product, what's the best way for them to reach you? 


Tyka: (06:10)

So they can, at this time, go to the website. It is, Or they can call my cell 336-986-1054, and I'm local to Morrisville. So I'm happy when people don't choose the shipping charge and just want to drop by and pick it up. But like I said for the moment, if we were picking it up from my door instead of a face to face meeting. 


Sean: (06:40)

Okay. Awesome. Well again, Tyka, thank you so much for your time. It's been a pleasure speaking to you, and you know, everybody, please, I encourage you to support our small businesses out there. You know there's, there, yes, we have our restaurants, bars, and all that, but we do have individuals that are working out of our homes just like Tyka out there as well. So please show your support, and if you don't need her product now, maybe you could buy a gift card or gift certificate or something like that. Yeah. Anything to help out. Just get us through this period. So again, I'll have all her information down below and the description. So if you have any questions more for her, or if you need to get ahold of me to ahold of her, no problem. We'll work it out. All right. So again, thank you, Tyka, and have a great day. Alright, bye. Bye.

April 3, 2020

Lake Norman News Updates! PostNet and Beacon Group Properties


Sean: (00:06)

Hi, this is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties here in the community, talking to our business owners and leaders, finding out about how the Coronavirus is affecting them. So, Ashley, I know you're here at PostNet just in case someone hasn't been to PostNet before. What do you guys do here? 


Ashley: (00:23)

Well, we do a combination of this business printing and shipping. We do for our shipping side, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS some of the services, and I'm the graphic designer here, and I do graphic design services as well as business cards, blueprints, banners, flyers, posters, that kind of stuff. 


Sean: (00:43)

Cool. Awesome. I am going to say; we utilize them for their posters and everything. She's an awesome, awesome graphic designer, so definitely got to come and use them whenever you can. But now with a Coronavirus is affecting all of us out there right now. How's it affecting PostNet


Ashley: (00:58)

We are staying steady. We are staying busy. We are considered an essential business. We have mailboxes here that people have, and we do the shipping. So we're considered essential we will be open. 


Sean: (01:09)

Okay. And now with the Coronavirus as well. What are you guys doing to protect yourselves, the staff, and your clients? 


Ashley: (01:15)

Well, we are keeping our social distancing. We're making sure we wipe down all counters, stores, everything like that, and making sure we keep, can sanitizer for everyone to use as well as us throughout the day. 


Sean: (01:27)

Okay, awesome. So, during this period of time with the Coronavirus and some of us are, you know are stuck at home and stuff, what are you guys doing for the community, you do anything extra for the community or discounts? 


Ashley: (01:40)

Absolutely, so right now, we are giving a discount on all printing services if it's going to be school-related. I know a lot of people are at home right now doing some homeschooling, so we will be offering discounts on printing as well as if you're a restaurant owner, you need some flyers, some kind of materials to let the community know your hours and everything like that. We will be able to do some discounts there. 


Sean: (02:02)

Now, if someone has any questions or would like to utilize the services here at PostNet, what's the best way to contact you? 


Ashley: (02:09)

So you can either contact us via email, which is; or you can contact us via phone (704) 895-4300; 


Sean: (02:19)

Awesome, we'll also put all their contact information in the description so you guys could go there, but if you have any questions for Ashley or Postnet or us, just leave it in the comments, we'll definitely get that information over. So again, help out our small businesses during this period of time, and hopefully, we'll get on the other end, and it really explodes. So thank you again for watching the videos, and we'll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.


April 3, 2020

Lake Norman Updates! Pita Pit and Beacon Group Properties


Sean: (00:06)

Hi, this is Sean Herndon Beacon Group Properties here with Todd at Pita Pit. Todd, thank you so much for letting us come in and talk about your business. I just in case anyone that doesn't or never heard of Pita Pit, can you tell us what you guys do.

Todd: (00:22)

Sure, we, you know, Pita Pit, we market ourselves as a healthy alternative fast food. So we take care of any dietary needs you have, whether it's gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Typically, you know, people don't spend too much time here. They come in and get the food, get out. And we also have things for the meat lovers as well.

Sean: (00:47)

Oh, awesome, and with the Coronavirus right now, how's that affecting your business right now?

Todd: (00:53)

Well, obviously, you know, we're certainly not alone. It's, you know, it's hitting our business pretty hard and certainly from a financial standpoint, you know, we can only really offer a take-out curbside and delivery, all of which we did a lot of anyway. So yeah, absolutely. Obviously, we're down to a pretty thin staff as well, and you know, but you know, the good thing is we've seen a tremendous outpouring of support from the community. You know, I live in the community, my kids go to school in the community, we hire people in the community. And, you know, the support has been, you know, pretty humbling.

Sean: (01:28)

What are you guys doing to keep yourself safe, your clients safe?

Todd: (01:33)

Well, honestly, we all want to be respectful of the guidelines laid out by the governor. You know, you know, from a, from a national standpoint as well, be very respectful of, you know, social distancing, you know, as far as, as far as health-wise inside the store, obviously we'll wash your hands after every everything. And you know, probably, you know, which would be a, something we were pretty adamant about anyway, after every Pita we made. We have hand sanitizer for the customers, and we are complying with them every suggestion made and ...

Sean: (02:15)

I know right now we're all trying to do all that extra step to make sure we stay all safer. Have you guys had done anything extra or give you something new right now during this period of time with the Coronavirus?

Todd: (02:28)

Well, I mean it's, you know, ironically yesterday was our three year anniversary. So, you know, we were going to do something a little bit special. So, at the suggestion of Amber, my manager back there doing all the work, you know, we decided we should pay back a little bit to the community. So, we had a, you know, I took the lead from one of my old friends up in Maryland. We started a campaign called, what's your 50? So what we try to do is do, you know, use the multiple of 50 and try to do something special. So yesterday actually gave out 53 free Pitas to various members of the community who were either going above and beyond and are also who were disproportionately affected by the restrictions in place. So, for example, we brought three platters, which are two platters, which is 40 Pita, to the staff over at the hospital. So doctors, nurses, environmental folks, social workers, provided lunch for them over at the center to the emergency room down in Huntersville. In addition, we provided lunch for the City of Cornelius, kind of underrated is the fact that city employees are still going to work every day or administering or answering questions. So we brought them an additional 20 Pita as well.

Sean: (03:51)

Well, thank you for doing that. Yeah, definitely about that. Yeah, it's something that we all can take that as an example of what to do right now. So, so if somebody wants to order a Pita from you, what's the best way for them to order?

Todd: (04:05)

What is online? We have our own app. It's the Pita Pit app. Very simple. They go on; they can pay on, they can select, pickup delivery or curbside, or they are allowed to come in; however, they do have to get it to go. Which just has not been a problem. And then, of course, we use the third-party delivery services such as Door dash, UberEATS, Grub Hub posts.

Sean: (04:29)

Well, again, Todd, thank you so much for allowing us to come in, and I learned a little bit more about you and what you're doing during this period. And again, guys, please, I'll come in and support the small businesses in the area. Todd is again giving us a great example of what to do, kind of give back to our community, with the hospital and also our town folk in the area. So thanks a lot and make sure you stay tuned to our videos that we're putting out about the small businesses in our area. Takes on. Bye-bye. Appreciate it. Excellent.

April 3, 2020

Lake Norman News Updates! Sound Vision and Beacon Group Properties


Sean: (00:06)

Hi, this is Sean Hernan with Beacon Group Properties out here out in the community with our business leaders and small business owners in the area. Mark, thank you so much for having us out here. So Mark is with Sound Vision. Mark, if you could just tell us a little bit more about you and your business if they haven't heard of Sound Vision. 


Mark: (00:25)

So Sound Vision is a home integration company. We do all kinds of fun stuff normally, audio, video, home theaters, automation, that sort of thing. But we also do things like home networks, security systems, video conferencing, which is really pertinent for today. Been, been here since August of 2010. 


Sean: (00:47)

Oh, awesome. So Coronavirus has been affecting a lot of us out there. So how's that affecting you and your business? 


Mark: (00:54)

We were just saying actually before we came online here, that on one hand it's, it's not, I mean, the business has been still very strong. There are people with interest. There are people that are still buying and still wanting us in their homes. On the other hand, it's totally different in the way that we have both prepared internally with our teams, cleanliness, cleaning and the hands, of masks, booties, gloves, that sort of thing. And how we prepare our customers by calling them ahead of time or emailing and making sure that they're comfortable both for us to be in their home and that they're also healthy before we come to put our folks in their homes as well. 


Sean: (01:32)

Okay. Yeah. That goes right into my next question so can you give us an understanding, you wear the boonies, and you do the hand sanitizer and things like that. Is there anything else that you guys have changed from a regular business to today to help protect yourselves and your clients? 


Mark: (01:49)

Yeah. So you know the buzz word now, of course, it's the social distancing thing. It's interesting in our business we're in different types of environments. It could be a new home construction where there's nobody there. It could be a, a home where there is a family and, and so we do have to let them know and as part of our normal process, when we go in just normal business, we're going to tell you, Hey, we're going to be in these rooms in your home, we're going to need to touch these kinds of things. He knows that okay bedrooms or basements or whatever. And so now we're just going to prep even a little bit more to make sure that folks are comfortable and understand why we're doing that. So that, that, that leaves them at ease and also again, keeps our folks safe as well. 


Sean: (02:34)

Awesome. That's wonderful to hear. Now, right now, cause it is just unprecedented time period that we're doing this here, but are you guys doing any things for the community Discounts, anything like that right now? 


Mark: (02:51)

Yeah. So it is unprecedented. And one of the things that's, that's sort of, I don't know about unique about us, but it makes in the word essential is there are so many folks working from home now that networks are paramount of importance, being able to do video conferencing, whether that's for work, school, whatever is critically important. And so what we've been doing for now about two weeks is we do all enterprise-grade networks, which is effectively like the nicest networks out there. And we're doing a 25% off discount on all of our network parts for anybody. We're also doing a lot of remote, both monitoring and servicing, which we've done for years. And so that kind of puts us a little bit ahead of the curve there. If there is an issue, if something needs to be reset, restarted, whatever, we can do a lot of that remotely. We're also doing a lot of remote training for folks if they don't know how to use Zoom or RingCentral or any kind of meeting service, we're, we're pretty good at that too so that we can help out there as well. 


Sean: (03:53)

Wow. That's awesome. Yeah, I know that even when I, for us though going into this Zoom, as much as they say it's user friendly unless you start using it and you get used to it until you're a user, it not friendly. Exactly. I like that. I don't want to use that. I'm stealing that from you. So if someone wants to learn more about you and your business, what's the best way for them to reach out to you? 


Mark: (04:18)

So we're on all the social platforms. We're very, very active, on Facebook and Sound Vision, Instagram SVAV LLC, and LinkedIn well. And our website which is a


Sean: (04:37)

Awesome, thank you so much for this time and learn more and more about you and your business and everyone, again, we'd love just to go out and support our small businesses out there. If you have more questions, please reach out. And again, I really appreciate you guys watching our videos. And if you have any questions for us, please reach out to us. Again, Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties. 


Mark: (05:01)

I want to tell them the phone number, (704) 696-2792 Call us anytime. Sorry about that. 



No, that's all right. That's okay. That's what one of the things I like about the video is it's like, we're here. So anyway, so thanks a lot. Bye. Bye. Bye.

March 31, 2020

Lake Norman Updates! Arts for All and Beacon Group Properties






Sean: (00:06)

Hi, this is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties here with Robin with Arts for All. First off, Robin, thank you so much. I really appreciate this time that you're spending with us, and just in case if someone doesn't know of your services or Arts for All, can you kind of tell them what you do here? 


Robin: (00:21)

Absolutely. Arts for All studio and gallery. We teach private music lessons and art classes to members of our community and all the proceeds of what we do go toward, are we operate as a nonprofit, so toward community programming, teacher education programs and what's going to be a series of free art classes for seniors this summer. 


Sean: (00:44)

Oh, that's awesome. Now with the Coronavirus that's out there, and it's affecting everyone, how is it affecting you and your business? 


Robin: (00:53)

Well, it's hurting my heart a little bit to miss my students and be distanced from them, but we're transitioning to online format classes, even for art students. We're transitioning to an online format. And a few are taking a break from lessons. So we're having a little financial hit from it, but we're gonna keep chugging. 


Sean: (01:17)

Yeah, we got to, keep focused, and get through this part of this. So, what are you doing to protect yourself and your clients that do come in? 


Robin: (01:26)

Well, we've gone from a Lysol everything routine between students and families to a Lysol and alcoholic, disinfect everything, including the instruments the student's touch, the furniture that family sit on. And this is continued throughout the day. So every family or student that comes in, we disinfect between, and the students have to wash their hands before or after lessons. 


Sean: (01:49)

And, now are you guys doing anything for the community or changed, what you're doing as a business that kind of gets you through this?


Robin: (01:58)

Well, aside from moving to an online format and figuring out our best practices there, which is, which is its own thing, we are putting together, working on doing art to go kits. So once we start promoting this on our website, folks can drive up and grab like a little art class in a bag with materials and everything you need for an easy self-caring nice time for yourself or to give to your children to get away from you at home. 


Sean: (02:34)

Yeah, I can think that'd be great for it. If you're doing like long car travel too or it's just a nice package that you can kind of take and utilize whatever you need to do it. That's awesome. Well, Rob, thank you so much. I really appreciate you spending this time with us and kind of letting the community know about you and in the company. So, if anyone would like to get more information about your business, about you, what's the best for them to reach you? 


Robin: (03:00)

Facebook is Arts for All. Our website is and as well as email for Robin Antoinette Stockton Arts for All. Thank you. 


Sean: (03:14)

Awesome. Thank you so much, Robin. And again, everybody, please get out there and support your small businesses in town. I know that our restaurants and our bars and all that, that we think of every day are getting hit by companies like Robbins that's here in our community, need our help as well. So please, her information will be in the description. So if you need to reach out to her, or if you need to get ahold of me that reached to her, no problem. Let's let us know. But until then, we'll see you at the next one. Bye. Bye.


March 31, 2020

Lake Norman News! Race City Marine and Beacon Group Properties



Sean: (00:06)

Hi guys, this is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties. I'm here today with Lynette and Matt from Race City Marine and Hey guys; I want to thank you so much for joining me today to talk about your business and how the Coronavirus is affecting you. Lynette, could you give us a little bit more about your company just in case if someone hasn't heard of Race City Marine.


Lynette: (00:29)

Yeah, for sure. Sean, thank you so much for doing this. This is such a blessing and such a great community service. We're a local Nautique dealer here in the Mooresville area, and we also sell Barletta pontoon boats. We've been in business for 12 years, and we're building our new dealership right now, which is right next to Big Daddy's. We have 11 acres right there, so we serve as boats as well and help people find their perfect boat. We have pre-owned also. 


Sean: (01:00)

Awesome. Awesome. So we're in an incredible period of time in our lives right now with the Coronavirus. How is that affecting your business right now? 


Lynette: (01:10)

Well, we have still been selling boats. Families want to get out at this time and make memories on the water. So we just had our boat show in February, and we'd been delivering and selling. But you know, I think we've seen a little slow down, but we're, you know, finding creative ways to, to get around that, to help families that do want to spend their time. Together in quarantine on the Lake. 


Matt: (01:38)

Great social business thing. Boating, getting people out there, staying with their families there. On Saturday, I was at the boat ramp, and all the boat rants are absolutely packed full of people, out there on the water with their family. So, we're doing deliveries to people's houses. We're doing closings over the internet, so we've changed the way we do business a little bit using more of our electronics, and we're very grateful to have all the, you know, right here we're doing a video, and we've got our iPhones, and we can share, and we can do walk around on the boats. So, you know, we're folks may not, would have come in before, but now we can actually do a walk around on the boat, and then we can bring the boat to them. And that way, they don't really have to expose themselves further into the community other than being at their dock. 


Sean: (02:25)

That's awesome. And that actually was going right into my next question, and this is what you guys were doing. The change, the way you do business to help the customers, and, and how it's, and it's amazing how technology, we're just leaning on it even more. Can you, you were telling me earlier about that delivery you did on Saturday. Can you kind of go over that with us? 


Matt: (02:47)

Sure, sure. The customers came, and they actually send us a check for the boat, and we closed on a Wednesday, and then on Saturday, the weather was nice enough and were available that I actually brought the boat directly to their dock. So the boat had been cleaned thoroughly. We actually use Clorox wipes on all the boats and all the touch points. We spent a nice afternoon out on the boat together, and then I was picked up and brought back to the shop by one of my team members. 


Sean: (03:18)

Wow. That's, that's awesome. You gotta do that extra mile right now. Now with the, again with the Coronavirus and everything, we've kind of have to kind of really focus on community and stuff like that. Is there anything you guys are doing right now that kind of give back to the community or help out the community? 


Lynette: (03:36)

Ya, definitely. First and foremost, we want to say if you have any needs that we can meet or help meet, we'd like to do that. Like, what do you need right now? As, as far as even just toilet paper. Like we have a large community base, and we'd love to meet any of your needs that you have. If you know anyone that's elderly that needs help or you personally or you need alcohol swabs, you know, if you have medical needs, anything like that. So we'd like to work with our community and help get you what you need. 


Sean: (04:12)

That's awesome. Well, again, Matt and Lynette, thank you so much. I really appreciate you spending this time with me. And again, to everybody at us watching the video, please support our small businesses through this period of time. And you know, if there's a, if you need anything, from Race City Marine of Matt and Lynette, how, what's the best phone number, you know, what, how's the best way to connect with you guys? 


Lynette: (04:38)

Well you can give us a call. Our phone number is (704) 799-0008 and then, or check us out online at or email us as well. We're all on there as well. So that's the best way to reach out. And I wondered if you wanted to see a quick tour of the boats. 


Sean: (05:01)

Yeah, if you, if you, if you liked it, that'd be great. 


Lynette: (05:04)

Well, I just wanted to give you an example of how we can, we can show the boats, so in the showroom say we can do the walk, walk around. It's so fun in here, you know, just, just to do that. And then we have video reviews online as well. So a lot of our boats have walk-arounds already a thing. You can just, you know, we can actually do a live FaceTime with you, bring you inside the boat, you know, let you have this experience as if they're actually boating today. 


Sean: (05:44)

All right, this is the dangerous cause now I kind of want to look at that boat for myself now. I know. It's good looking. Yeah, it's a good looking boat. 


Lynette: (05:56)

This is the Nautique G23 


Sean: (05:58)

Oh wow. That's great. 


Lynette: (06:02)

Our team's here. We're available. We're ready to help you in any way. 


Sean: (06:05)

All right, well, thanks, Lynette, and I wish you guys the best to get us on the other end of all this and definitely look forward to doing another video when we're on the back end, and we can really promote even bigger. 


Lynette: (06:17)

Yeah, that'd be great. I'd love to connect with you as well. 


Sean: (06:20)

Alright. Thanks, Lynette. You guys have a great day, and everyone, make sure you give Lynette and Matt a call about the boats. All right. See you guys later. Bye. Bye.

March 27, 2020

Charlotte NC Coronavirus News Update - Mr. Rooter and Beacon Group Properties

Sean : (00:03)

Hi, this is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties here at Mr. Rooter, and I want to thank, William and Matthew for having us out here, to promote again, our small businesses in the Charlotte, greater Charlotte area. So William and Matthew. Oh, you know, if someone who hasn't used Mr. Rooter before, what do you guys do on what areas do you serve? 


Matthew: (00:24)

So what we do is we do all small repair residential and commercial. We service drained, we service gas lines, we service, anything involving the kitchen, bathroom, interior drain, exterior drain, crawlspace to the attic, home inspections, leak tests, pressure test, anything you can throw at us. Plumbing. We have a wide range of services we provide pretty much, and they're not limited to anything, other than plumbing. 


Sean : (00:53)

So from big projects to small projects, you guys can do. 


William: (00:56)

Remodels to pipe repair. Okay. We do also water heaters. Oh, times four heaters. Also, Sureline repairs, stoppages, sure shorelines, and tin pipes.


Sean : (01:10)

Okay. Then they didn't think about the water heater and stuff like that. So with a coronavirus affecting all of us right now, how's it affecting you as a business. 


William: (01:17)

As a small business, Coronavirus has a big impact on the business. As a small business, you know, as everybody else, we're trying to survive. Of course, you know, however, we are essential to the community, and we're trying to help everybody who calls us. And so we will stay open during that period, and help our, our homeowners to have their plumbing system up in the running. 


Sean : (01:51)

Excellent. Excellent. So remember that people, even though we might be, you know, stuck at home or not able to get out, they still, if you have a plumbing issue, that's pretty big. So you still need to have a plumber like Mr. Rooter to come out and help you. So what are you guys doing, you know, cause of the Coronavirus. What are you doing to make sure that you guys are safe? Your staff is safe, and the clients are safe? 


Matthew: (02:15)

So we're, we're following a few, actually a handful of extra precautionary measures. We are limiting all contact with customers to non-contact. We wear gloves throughout the entire process versus just during the actual repair. Now, we don't just wear the gloves; we sanitize them between any contact with any surface. We use, anti-bacterial, Clorox wipes on anything we touch in the house or that we touch of our own polluting tools and not limited to our steering wheel or we take time out of every day, probably 10, 12, 15 times to clean our phones and our tablets where we do all of our invoice activity. We're, we're just, we're just making sure anything we come in contact with is sterilized before we're done with it. 


Sean : (03:05)

Yeah, that's really important. During this time.


William: (03:07)

We keep a safe distance. Our office staff is working from home now as the safety of our employees is number one priority, and the safety of the homeowners of the Charlotte area is number one priority for us.


Sean : (03:24)

Awesome. It's amazing how right now we have to be so hypersensitive about this stuff, but it's for everyone's safety all the way around. So during this time, are you guys doing anything, special or extra or maybe discounts or anything for your services? 


William: (03:39)

We have a discussion, and we will intimate that starting today. We will do like a discount, so on all four prices between 10 and 20% so that we can help our homeowners. So, and people who are calling us for service, to go through that difficult time. 


Sean : (03:58)

Okay. Yeah. So to remember, you know, again, they could be utilized even though that we're stuck at home, so they'll make sure that you call to get a quote, and they're not offered like 10 to 20% off, so they'll be able to tell you upfront. So it's not, it'd be a surprise when you're when they were there. So thank you again. I appreciate having us out here and hearing about your story and your business. Just in case, you know, if they need to call and get a quote, what's the best way to reach you? 


Matthew: (04:28)

Okay, so the best way to reach us through our call center, which is (980) 216-4024, that's (980) 216-4024. And that's, you can reach us any time of the day. 


Sean : (04:42)

Okay. And is there a website that they might be able to look at some information? 


William: (04:46)

The website is


Sean : (04:53)

Okay. All right. So, guys again, I want to say thank you for having us out and everyone, please make sure that you reach out and help our small businesses during this period of time cause they're taking the biggest hit. So again, this is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties, and we'll see you soon. Thanks a lot. Bye. Bye.

March 27, 2020

Cornelius NC Update from Mayor Woody Washam regarding the Coronavirus



Sean: (00:06)

Hi, this is Sean Herndon with Beacon Group Properties. Having a conversation about our community and what we're going through right now. And today, I have Mayor Woody Washam with me. Mayor, thank you so much for joining me. 


Mayor Woody: (00:22)

Thank you, Sean. Happy to be here. Thanks for doing this. 


Sean: (00:24)

Yeah, absolutely. I, you know, with everything is going on for some of us as day one of the stay at home, I know there's a lot of individuals out there that been and the stay at home with their children and because of school and everything. And I wanted to kind of get some of your views about what's going on right now and what, how you feel, of what you know, Cornelius is going to be going through here. So first off could you a with this mandate stayed at home. Can you kind of give us this a little bit of your view, your thoughts about it? 


Mayor Woody: (01:00)

Absolutely. I, I want to totally emphasize of how important this really is to our community, our Lake Norman region, and so forth. I've gotten a lot of questions about that in the last couple of days since it was announced. But it's critically important for our citizens to abide by this order. That was, was signed by me for Cornelius and the other six Mayors throughout the County and Mecklenburg County. So it's serious business, and I think if we want this pandemic to shorten itself to the extent we all need it to and want it to, we've got to abide by these these regulations in this order. I think the orders will grow from this County. I know today they grown to Cabarrus County and to Gaston County. Many municipalities throughout the state have signed on to it. Like counties involved. Durham, Durham County, not too many for me to remember the name, but the list is growing and growing and, and it's just critical for our community here. Mecklenburg County, you know, it was up to 202. The last report I got, I'm sure it's beyond that by now. Cases that have been identified was still a lot of tests out there that have not been finalized yet. So, am I concerned? Absolutely. And it's just so important that folks this seriously and not gather in gatherings, be responsible for the social distancing. And a matter of fact, I've, I've got on some of my notes here, there's a new word for social distancing that we've been hearing so much about and we're going to start calling it physical distancing. Cause it's not about social, it's about not being close to people. So we've got a new term that you're going to start hearing about Instead, really the social distancing, I think the physical, word is probably a little more descriptive of what we're after here. 


Sean: (03:07)

Absolutely. Actually, that makes a lot of sense because if even in our neighborhood, you know, there's far more people walking around a neighborhood now than I've seen since we moved here. And everyone's socializing, everyone's talking, even though it's on the each side of the street. You know, the socializing of the distancing is definitely not there. So that makes a lot of sense of being more descriptive, a physical distancing. 


Mayor Woody: (03:36)

Hopefully, that'll help and make it, make it more clear. Talking about questions, I get from folks. I think one of the leading questions I've gotten in the last few days is, what about Lake Norman? Can we get out on like Norman? Well, the answer is yes, you can get out on like Norman, but that doesn't remove the responsibility for you to not maintain physical distancing from folks who are, you're close by. If it's you and your small family on a boat, that's all well and good. But if it gets beyond inviting your friends, neighbors, and a crowd, that's inappropriate. And I'm hearing, and I believe that our lake patrol, we'll be monitoring that and we'll hopefully be, calling people out for that particular endeavor because it's just not safe right now. Actually, there's, I want to, I want to tell the folks to that there's a new number you can call if you notice those kinds of things going on that are inappropriate. And I've gotten several emails about that today. You can dial 311; 311 and that will take you to the County, to a County, department, which you can report that to, and they will bring it back to our own Cornelius police department for us to go check it out and appropriately, deal with it. So 311, we've got to remember that if you see things that are inappropriate going on in our parks, on the Lake or anywhere else, let it be known. Our police force can't be everywhere, and they can't see everything, and we need to make that known. 


Sean: (05:20)

Okay. As you say, that's just 311, and that's to make a phone call. Can you also text, do you know? 


Mayor Woody: (05:27)

I don't, no, I don't know of a text, a capability of that. I would say call it from your cell phone. It'll take you right to it, and you can talk to a live person, and it'd be be a little more descriptive than you can be in a text. 


Sean: (05:41)

Okay, and that's specifically if you're in like a state park or on the Lake, that's not like if you're driving down a road and you see a bunch of people gathering in a parking lot.


Mayor Woody: (05:52)

Exactly this, this is like a Mecklenburg County number. So if you're in Mecklenburg County, that's where it's going to go to. And then if it's in Cornelius, they'll notify our police department, but the appropriate police department will be notified and, and they will do with it. 


Sean: (06:10)

I also get questions like the stay at home title and when you look at the mandate of that, I mean, you still can go to, pick up food from, you know, carry out food. You still get, go to the grocery store, gas station, the essential things, which I honestly, it feels like, no, really, not much different than it was before they called it stay at home when they went to stay at home. It just does that give the town a little bit more, power I guess, in a sense to make sure people are doing and changes those behaviors for what we needed or on now. 


Mayor Woody: (06:55)

It really defines the authority and gives the town as, as a part of the state of emergency to enforce it just a little bit better. So it's a, it's a little more clear. It's very detailed about what you can do and what you can't do, what, what businesses are essential and which are not. And there is a County number. If there's any question, a helpline, Covid- 19 helpline that you can call in to find that if, if folks need to do that, now provided that to a number of folks and that that is the best source to turn to during these times to get a definitive answer, ask questions and understand what the special order is. For this, stay at home. 


Sean: (07:46)

Okay. I know it's been posted, the list, and everything on the Town of Cornelius Facebook page too. I've seen that a couple of times. 


Mayor Woody: (07:54)

Correct? Yes, it is. It's, it's out there. And if there's any questions, please reach out. You know, we want you to get your questions answered. We're not always the best source because it takes, it takes some definition and sometimes some research on their end to do that. They've got the resources to do it. 


Sean: (08:12)

Yeah, and so I wanted to kind of move on to the, our next subject was the Stimulus plan because that was a lot of people are a little bit on pins and needles because a lot of us, unfortunately, had to, furlough, you know, some of workforce, you know, some individuals are out there that are consultants that, you know, their, their business kind of dried up. And it's been not just the past couple of days, we're talking about a week, or two weeks or so. So we're kind on a pins and needles about this stimulus plan and what's going to come out of it. And you know, we passed the Senate it's over the House, you know, fingers crossed that they all agree can we get it done by tomorrow, Friday? And, if you would have had the opportunity to look a little bit more in the detail of the plan, which is since it was so quick, this kind of just thrown together. So, Mayor, you get a chance to kind of look what's in there, or have you gotten some feedback on how the Stimulus plan may be able to help us? Here in Cornelius? 


Mayor Woody: (09:21)

Well, it, it definitely will. There's, there's several, elements of that. Certainly, there's the stimulus plan with individual, small business and, those that are out of work. It appears that everybody's going to get a check. I heard today you really didn't have to do anything to get checks. If you filed a tax return. They're going to know where you are and what your address is, and they're going to send you a check. So there's no application process to my knowledge at this particular point. You know, I, I thought it was in addition to the stimulus, it was all also highly, highly important that North Carolina be designated a major disaster relief area. So the Governor requested that I followed up yesterday with Congresswoman Adams and she wrote a letter to President Trump, which requested a number of us Mayors to sign on there as, as I did and, so, understand last night he decide he actually did sign the designation for North Carolina to be a major disaster state. So what that means is we'll be getting some all kinds of federal funding that we couldn't otherwise get unless we were in that designation. So that's a good thing with the needs in the growing concerns we have about this virus going on. So, more details to come back to the stimulus. You don't know till the bill is signed as to what will get changed or not. So far, so good. I think it's critical, highly critical to our small business. Certainly, as a banker, my phone's ringing off the hook, you know, where do I apply, where I apply, you know, what's covered, can you, can you direct me and all this, these kinds of things. And it's a little bit difficult for us to do that without the details as of now. But we will have those; once this bill is passed, I think it will come back to us. The information will come down the pike pretty much at the speed of light based on what I'm understanding. 


Sean: (11:26)

Okay. Okay. And do you feel from what you know it is going to be able to hit the different parts of what our needs are, you know, from your, your small business too, I wouldn't say big business, but you know, businesses that are suffering that might be larger than just the self-employed that's out there. And then also, you know, there is a loss, I mean in our, our town government as well.


Mayor Woody: (11:56)

Right, It's got to be, it's going to be across the board, you know, from a town government standpoint, you know, we're right at the at the early, early stages, front end stages, our budget process. Hmm. So all the planning that's been done to the point of this, crisis that we're in right now, we may certain assumptions related to sales tax revenues. And things like this that now may or may not pan out as we project. So, you know, we're pretty concerned about that as it relates to, you know, how the revenue side of, of our, of our, business at the town level is going to process. So more to come on that, we'll be doing a lot of studies and, more information as time goes by us. So, but it is a concern of us and we will, we'll be starting in the budget process as of this, coming Tuesday, I believe. 


Sean: (12:56)

Okay, now I, as you said, things are just kind of evolving day to day. Do you have any new updates that might've come up recently? 


Mayor Woody: (13:06)

In regards to, the [inaudible] 


Sean: (13:12)

yeah. Any, anything new, I mean, new updates that, that might be something we can, add in to within the video here. 


Mayor Woody: (13:22)

Now what, what you'll be seeing is some links as to how to go out and volunteer. We have seen such fabulous, I guess, efforts to support each other through this process. Many of our companies, like Chick-Filet, brought a lunch to the police department the other day. Pita-Pit, it's done wonderful things. I shouldn't name him because there's just too many to name. I been contacted by so many churches and individuals that want to help. So there's going to be a formalized link out on the county's website, which they're sponsoring to allow folks to sign up and volunteer. There's also going to be a special link for medical personnel that are out there that may be, are not working or retired or whatever at this particular point in time to sign up as well. So, quite an effort going on, more communications to come. But, you know, we want people to engage to the point that they can to help us through this. 


Sean: (14:29)

And when those things do get updated. Would they just find out on the website or on the Facebook page of Town of Cornelius. 


Mayor Woody: (14:37)

They, they would, we'll be putting all that out there. Are communications manager will be posting those kinds of things. You know, it goes, we, the more, the merrier in terms of a volunteer. Isn't this going on in our town? It's, it's some, it's going to be, once this is all said and done and over with, and we're on the other side of it, there'll be some stories to tell that will absolutely warm folks heart. Absolutely. there's a strong list of folks out there that are calling our seniors every day to check on them, going to the store and, and helping them purchase their personal items or whatever that they are deficient in. Many, many, many acts of kindness. And I certainly encourage that, and I certainly encourage folks to stay in touch with, the folks that are, that are closed in and shut-in right now and shouldn't be getting out because they're in that very dangerous age category that, would, would cause tremendous problems to their health and wellbeing if they caught this virus is going around. 


Sean: (15:46)

Yeah, I, it's just, amazes me, with my conversations with the small business leaders and owners in our area. And I, with this crisis, that's happening. And as much as we're being told to physically, you know, stay apart and, I gotta say that same time, I feel like we're also pulling together, more and more and helping each other more and more than I've seen in a long time. 


Mayor Woody: (16:17)

Well, I think that's the icing on the cake for this whole Oh, terrible situation that we're all having to live through right now. So, you've got to look for the good news amongst a lot of, a lot of them concern, bad news as well. So a lot of good stories know out there and, that's encouraging. 


Sean: (16:36)

Absolutely. Absolutely. So just to kind of wrap it up here, Mayor, if you could do me a favor, if someone has any questions for you or needs, maybe need some help, is there a way they can reach you or reach someone on your staff to be able to put that request or get a question answered? 


Mayor Woody: (16:59)

Absolutely. I, from the town level. I would certainly, I'm happy for anybody to email me at any time or call me. My information is very public. It's out on the Town website., so you can find it out there. But the better person to always copy in as our Town Manager because he is feverish working day and night on this problem in our town. He's on a multiple emergency planning calls daily. He's getting updates. He's quite in touch with, with all, all the happenings related to what we're going through right now. So, Andrew Grant is his name, our Town Manager. I would certainly encourage folks to contact him, his phone numbers out there as well. He will contact you back. If you're going to email me, copy him in, or vice versa, and you'll get a response. He and I went back and forth with, actually, one of the businesses in our town today several times trying to make a determination on our own, on some items that, that they were concerned about. 


Sean: (18:12)

Awesome. Well, thank you again so much for your time. Mayor Woody, just this information right now I think is very important to get out. I know Andrew; he is an awesome, awesome server to our town, always, going out there and serving us as much as possible. So again, so, so much, thankful for your time and I, definitely, is there anything else you'd like to end with? 


Mayor Woody: (18:42)

I think I think that's pretty well got us covered. Let's keep communicating and getting the word out, and I would advise our citizens not to sit back and be worried about something and not ask a, we will tell you what we can, what we know. And, you know, we're going to get through this. There is a; there is a silver lining out there. We're going to get through this and the all the better for it. I think it's bringing our, our certainly our town, our County, our state and our nation together in a way that, we needed some encouragement to work together on so many things. So, so thanks to everybody for being positive right now and, and, and your support of your town government. We appreciate your prayers, as well. So thank you so much for doing this, Sean. 


Sean: (19:37)

Absolutely. My pleasure. You know me, I always like to try to do my best to serve wherever I can as well. So, everybody, I will put this information together as well within the description to help, if you need to reach out to Andrew or Mayor Woody. Also, I'm here to, if you have any questions that I might be able to help answer, through this period of time, I'm definitely here to help out any way I can as well. But until we all meet and see each other again, please keep watching videos. Put any feedback in there, so I know where you like me to go, and maybe I do a video interview with someone in town and get some of your questions answered. So again, thank you for everyone for watching and have a good night. Bye-bye. 


Mayor Woody: (20:26)

Thank you.

March 26, 2020

Lake Norman News Update - Optimize Chiropractic and Beacon Group Properties


Hi, it's Sean Herndon here, out in the community, and seeing how our community is holding up during this time, with the Coronavirus. Today I'm out here with Dr. Joe and, wanting to see what he's doing right now in this period. So Joe, just in case if someone doesn't know about you or your services, what do you do here?


Dr. Joe: (00:28)

Dr. Joe Wallace with Optimized Chiropractic, we really specialize in family wellness care. So that's taking care of your whole family from the youngest member to the oldest, just making sure we're proactively staying healthy so we can better deal with some of the challenges that we experience on a day to day basis throughout a lifetime.


Sean Herndon: (00:43)

Okay. And, how, with the Coronavirus out there, how's that affecting your business?


Dr. Joe: (00:48)

It's slowing things down a little bit, to be honest. You know, people are a little bit hesitant to leave their house, and that's okay. That's totally understandable. I would like to reiterate and encourage people this time that, you know, we're following all the CDC recommendations. We're making sure this is a safe, clean space for people to come and people to come get taken care of.


Sean Herndon: (01:05)

Okay, and during this period of time, what are you doing to ensure your safety of your staff and your clients are coming in?


Dr. Joe: (01:13)

Yeah, perfect. So obviously we are disinfecting all services. I'm washing my hands between every visit. Nancy's up here to scrubbing and cleaning all the time. I'm cleaning everything in the back. We're making sure we don't have too many people in here at once to kind of spread people out and, and follow the guidelines that way. For me personally, to take care of my health, I've been talking to Nancy about some of these things. It's sticking to that anti-inflammatory diet, right? Getting your vitamins A, C, and D, it's important. Rest is really an important at a time like this to help that nervous system continue to function correctly in our immune system as well. And get some sleep. Give you a chance to relax and your body to recover. Stay hydrated, please. That's another important one


Sean Herndon: (01:50)

Yeah, definitely drink a lot of water right now. It's extra. Exactly. Exactly, and now are you doing anything, yourself and your company, the for the community and things like that right now?


Dr. Joe: (02:04)

Yeah. So one really cool thing we're doing right now, Sean, is we're offering children a complimentary initial visit. So bring them in and get them checked out, see if there are certain ways we can help them. And that includes a detailed review of their case history, comprehensive spinal physical exam, and then x-rays if indicated, depending on the age. So that's just a good thing. We're encouraging people to come in and get checked out. You know, maybe there's something going on they don't know about. Maybe there's some way we can help you out. Another pretty cool thing we're doing is we are doing a food drive for the ADA of Jenkins Center. A lot of the schools, once they run out of some of their resources, start to pull from that food pantry. So we want to make sure we keep that stocked at a time like this, collecting canned fruits, individually packed meals, this kind of thing. We have a box right outside the office, whether you're a patient or not, please come drop some stuff off. If you don't feel comfortable leaving the house, I will come to you. Just let me know where the stuff is, and I'll come pick it up.


Sean Herndon: (02:49)

Awesome. Well, thank you, Dr. Joe. it guys, we're, we're out here in the community right now. Neighbor helping neighbor. So if you do some chiropractic services, please come and see Dr. Joe. He is open for business, so let him know if you need to come in. Also, you know, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to help, our food banks, and everything like that. So again, thank you very much. Thank you, Dr. Joe, and thank you, guys.