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May 21, 2019

Lake Norman Property Picks - May 21st

A question I get all the time - "So, how's the market?"

Maybe you are wondering too?  You've probably heard the real estate market is slowing.  But, you also heard interest rates were lower.  

The quick answer to the question, "How's the market?" is IT DEPENDS.


It depends who you are.  Are you a renter who plans to continue renting?  Guess what.  Rents are going to continue to increase at a rate which easily exceeds inflation.  Even though you might see apartments everywhere, there aren't enough in the metro-Charlotte area. We are facing a shortage.

If you are a buyer, things are looking better in your direction.   Why?  Interest rates recovered from their higher levels at the end of last year.   Inventory is increasing, which puts more pricing pressure on sellers.  

If you are a seller, there are plenty of buyers.  But, while it is still a "sellers" market, it is beginning to shift in the direction of buyers.  So, don't expect this rate of appreciation to continue forever!


This week, my property picks are centered around those of you who might be first time buyers.   These are properties in the 200-300 range, which would have the best chance of putting you at a mortgage payment comparable to rents in our area.

Check these out, and feel free to setup a search on the site.  You can also schedule a time to discuss any specific questions you might have about your particular situation by clicking here!


Here are my picks!


#1:  Located in the Henderson Park subdivision in Huntersville, this is a 4/2.5 home.  It's been on the market for 12 days, and it features travertine floors and granite countertops.     

Check out all the pictures and details by clicking here!


#2:  If you like low maintenance living, you might want to consider this condo in Windward.  Located in Cornelius, this 2/2 unit has been renovated, with quartz counters and stainless steel appliances.   Lots of amenities in this community.  

Check this property out by clicking here!


#3.  Great curb appeal, this home doesn't disappoint.   A 3/2.5, this home features a fenced yard with a beautiful backyard, lined with trees along the back.   The living room features an open concept and high ceiling.   All the bedroom and laundry are on the second floor.   Located in Tanners Creek in Huntersville.

Click here to see all the information!


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May 21, 2019

What happens when you make an offer?

Does signing your name on the line make you nervous?  Are you trying to figure out how to put the pieces together for an effective offer?  Check out our infographic below!  If you'd like to discuss your next steps, click here and let's talk!

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May 21, 2019

The Home Buying Process in North Carolina

Curious about the home buying process but not sure how it works?   Check out our high level infographic below, and take a look at all the information on our blog where we discuss aspects of the process.   If you would like to learn more about the home buying process, or would just like to discuss what's going on in the real estate market, feel free to set up an appointment with me here



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May 7, 2019

Lake Norman Farmer's Markets

From local produce to handmade goods, our Farmer’s Markets here in Lake Norman offer a great way to discover local vendors.  Running from May until August, there’s plenty of opportunity to visit!   




Josh’s Farmers Market

 189 Williamson Road in Mooresville.   9 am – 6:30 pm

I love this market – excellent produce, and they also feature flowers.   They also feature the shrimp connection on Fridays in the afternoon and Saturday.  


Davidson Farmers’ Market

120 S Main Street in Davidson.   Saturday 8 – 12


This is a great market.  LOTS of vendors to see.   Everything from cheese to fresh breads to handmade products.   There are often local musicians playing as well.   Parking can be a challenge, so plan ahead.  It’s usually really busy between 9-11!


Spring Water Farms

16101 Old Statesville Road in Huntersville.  Mon – Sat 9-5

Local fresh picked produce, and plenty of pasture raised beef!  Give them a try!


The Troutman Depot

338 North St in Troutman  Tuesday 4-7

Local produce and artisans show up every Tuesday in Troutman!  Check out their Facebook page @TroutmanFarmersMarket  Looks like Yoga will also be offered in the Park!


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April 29, 2019

Lake Norman Property Picks - April 29th

Wow, Spring is certainly here (just take a look at the pollen coating everything!

The market is BUSY.   You can check out the March update by clicking here 

The April numbers will be available in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for my April update.

Ok, on to the property picks! (You can watch the YouTube video here)


#1  11318 Heritage Green Drive

3 bedroom home in the Heritage Green subdivision – and it comes with a separate detached studio apartment, which you can maintain as a rental, or utilize for an office or guest area.


#2  10312 Carriage Court

This home is located in Coachmans Trace here in Cornelius, and it features red oak hardwoods throughout the home, with the exception of the laundry and bathrooms.   Plantation shutters, professional landscaping – definitely worth a look.


#3  299 E Waterlynn Road

Located in Mooresville’s Foxfield subdivision, this home features plenty of space – new carpeting, finished basement with a walk out to a pavered patio with fireplace and hot tub.  Check it out below.



Be sure to check out our property search feature!  You can save your search and get updates as soon as properties hit the market!

You can schedule a showing directly on our site, or by texting or calling me at 704-659-6701!

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April 29, 2019

Hot Spot of the Week! April 29th

Hey there Lake Norman!   This week, our featured Hot Spot is EEZ Fusion and Sushi, located in Huntersville.  I am a big fan of the seafood fried rice, and my husband devours pretty much any sushi roll they put in front of him, but EEZ also serves up some fantastic cocktails, made by some of the best bartending staff in the area!

Check out their website here:


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April 18, 2019

Lake Norman Easter Brunch

Easter is almost here!  Here’s a rundown on Easter Brunches around the Lake!





Port City Club:



Mickey & Mooch:

I know they are doing an Easter Brunch!  Make reservations!


Epic Chophouse:

We went last year, and it was EPIC!  Definitely make a reservation.


North Harbor Club:

Mac and Cheese Station?  Yes, please! 


Hello, Sailor!

Milkbread French Toast and an awesome view.  What more could you need?



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April 16, 2019

Lake Norman Property Picks - April 16th

Hey there!

So yesterday we looked at 10 different houses.   These were all over Lake Norman, mostly in Cornelius and they encompassed a range of price points.  

We look at a lot of homes, both with clients and without.   There's no faster or better way, in my opinion, for a realtor to understand the market - other than to BE in the market.  Antiquity is a good example.  There are 4 active listings in Antiquity, and 3 homes under contract.   Let's break this down.

Of the 4 active, we looked at 2.  One of those is a distressed sale.  Very nice home, but it is an "as is" sale.  This is the lowest priced home of the 4.  But, you are waiving off your due diligence period, so it shouldn't price at market.  This is important information to know both as a buyer looking in this area, and a potential seller.  This sale has the potential to drive comps in either direction. 

The second home we saw was very nice inside.  There wasn't anything not to like, really.  But, it isn't for every buyer.  And in this instance, the small lot really comes in to play.  You are really close to your neighbors!

The third home is located right next to it.  But, there was an issue with lockbox and we couldn't gain entry.  Keep in mind that on average, it take about 12 showings to get to offer, so you can think of a missed opportunity as an 8.3% "hit" to your likelihood of getting to contract.   This is why when you list your home, you want to be show-ready, which means ACCESS!  

The fourth home wasn't too excited about showing an "agent preview" yesterday.  I always indicate agent preview unless I am with a client.  So, if an out of town buyer wants me to screen homes for them in advance of a visit, I book agent previews.  I also book agent previews to do market research.   Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the fourth home because I had already booked up that time slot.  I did a quick drive by, and the location of the house is very nice - away from main traffic.  But, this gets back to another point.  I know it's a pain sometimes for sellers to show their home.  But, when you are selling your home, you want to EXPOSE it to the market as much as possible.   I can't recommend a house as a pick of the week, for example, without having confidence that it is!  And, when out of town buyers are here to make a decision, they need a short list of homes to look at.  That's why I preview homes for them in advance!

So, viewing the inventory in Antiquity offers much more perspective than only looking at the data.  In tandem, physical tours with the data analysis puts my clients in a strong position of knowledge and allows them to make decisions with confidence.

Some other observations about yesterday:

  • Cleanliness really is next to godliness.  I know it's tough with dogs and families, but you don't want buyers thinking "ick", "gross", "eww" when they walk your house!  One home in particular yesterday was in rough shape from a cleanliness perspective - and they want top of market!  
  • Make sure your lights work.  I know, seems obvious, right?  But yesterday, I walked into a great house where some money had been spent to remodel, only to have a very dark master bedroom.  Guess what?  You could barely see what they'd done in the master.  
  • Mow. The. Lawn.  Again, nice home.  Front yard looked pretty good.  Back yard was a wild jungle.  That's a turn off.

One of the nicest homes I walked yesterday has been on the market close to 6 months.  It's clear that the owners have long moved.  This is an expensive home - over 700K.   The yard needed some work in the front, but the home is beautiful.  But, here's the problem.  The air is stuffy inside, because it hasn't been opened up.  It's completely empty.  And sometimes with a nice open concept, you need it staged for buyers to properly vision themselves living in the home.  The MLS price sheets on the counter were 3 months old and had the wrong price.  And, there was a separate sheet of paper outlining all the wonderful upgrades the home included, but none were listed in MLS.   When you hire an agent to sell your home, make sure they understand you are hiring them to MARKET and NEGOTIATE your home, and make them get specific about what that entails.  

Ok, time for my newest property picks!



If you liked my last pick in Heritage Green, then check this out.   This is a one story home with more square footage, and it's basically the same price.  Just listed on 4/12


This house is located in Robbins Park.  Nice layout with a downstairs master and the rest of the bedrooms upstairs.  Big fenced in level yard and a nice open concept.    


Waterfront in Blue Stone Harbor!  Check out those pictures of the back deck!


Let me know when you'd like to see these properties!  I'd love to show them to you!


Want to see the video?  Click here! 


April 12, 2019

Lake Norman Property Picks - April 12

So I decided to do something a little different for this week's property picks - I am focusing on three homes that might appeal to a renter who is looking to buy and stay in the range of their current rent payment.

With interest rates the lowest they've been in a year, it's a good time to consider if buying makes sense.   Homes have appreciated 5% on average year over year (and in some neighborhoods that figure is even higher).   Plus, it's nice paying down your own asset instead of someone else's!

There are some common misconceptions amongst first time buyers.   


First, you don't need a big downpayment to qualify for a loan.  There are multiple loan programs that require minimal downpayment.  And, there are some amazing downpayment assistance programs.


Second, the loan pre-approval process is not complicated nor time consuming.  Lenders that we work with can typically get a pre-approval done in 24 hours.   


Third, people think there isn't any inventory.  Actually inventory is increasing.  Sellers are listing their homes at an increasing rate, and this means more choices for buyers.  There are 21 homes for sale in Cornelius under $300K.


So, here are my top picks!



This house is located in Victoria Bay.  I like its open floor plan, and the fact that it has a nice big fenced in yard.  


This house is located in Heritage Green.  Check out the pictures - lots of updates. Fully fenced yard with a built in grill.  


This is a renovated bungalow with a ton of charm.  


Be sure to check out our property search feature!  You can save your search and get updates as soon as properties hit the market!



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April 12, 2019

Lake Norman Real Estate Update - March Data

The March data is out!  The quick summary is that the market is picking up.   Closings in March were up significantly over prior month, and listings are increasing.  The good news for buyers is they have more inventory to pick from, and interest rates are the lowest they've been in a year.


The good news for sellers is that average sales price and days on market are holding.   Now, numbers do vary at the neighborhood level.   I break out the data by town and then by popular neighborhoods in each town.  If you'd like to take a look, my video is below.   If your town is not listed, and you'd like to "know your numbers", just shoot me a note and I can pull them for you.

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